Galtür in the Paznaun Valley – holiday delight in 1600 metres above sea level

Galtür is located at the base of the Silvretta, 1600 metres above sea level in the beautiful Paznaun Valley. Situated high up in the Alps, Galtür is the ideal location for your mountain holiday: you can expect one of the most snow-reliable ski resorts in winter and hikers, mountaineers and mountain bikers are delighted by Galtür’s beautiful mountain landscape in summer.

Galtür - climatic health resort in the Paznaun Valley

For allergy sufferers: in the Galtür climatic health resort, you can finally breathe freely again. Galtür has been an official climatic health resort since 1997 – the first in Tyrol! Climate monitoring stations record pollution and weather data on a regular basis and ensure that the pollen count in the air is low – so you can enjoy a care-free holiday.

Galtür mountain spring – fresh spring water from the mountain

Galtür scores not only as a climatic health resort; the drinking water from the Galtür mountain spring is quite something too. The spring water has low sodium levels, is good for the heart and circulation, has been awarded the “Drinking Water Seal of Quality“ in January 2004 and its quality is checked annually – so you can enjoy the revitalising freshness of the Galtür mountain spring water from the Paznaun Valley.

Rainy days in Galtür in the Paznaun Valley

Galtür has also plenty to offer even on rare rainy days. A visit to the Alpinarium, the Adventure Museum or the Adventure Indoor Pool is always rewarding and brightens up any bad weather day. The team at the 4 Star Hotel Post in Galtür is happy to provide tips so that every day is unforgettable.